Best Barbers In Nottingham

Best Barbers In Nottingham – “I love the way people tell very interesting stories in this work, almost like a therapist.”

Kadir Balanur of Turkey (top left), Terry Francis of Nottingham (top right), Ge Ling of China (bottom left), Tom Heafford of Kimberley

Best Barbers In Nottingham

If you wander up and down Nottingham’s busy shopping district, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a street without a barber or hairdressing salon.

Gold Comb Barbershop North Park

The historic occupation has long been a staple of boulevards and other busy areas, with patrons flocking to the ‘social’ setting to chat with experts about scissors and clippers.

Some Nottingham barbers say their shop is a place where men “share more than anywhere else” in conversation, and see their work as more than just making a living, “making others, that’s ‘ a way to try to help them.

The city’s barbers have their own unique stories about how they cut hair. Some have been given a ‘second chance’ by fleeing a war-torn country or coming to Nottingham to find their passion for hairdressing. studies.

Nottinghamshire Live visited several barbershops across the city to find out more about the stories of the people who work there.

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One of the barbers who used his experience in Turkey is 39-year-old Kadir Balanur. He has lived in Mapperley for the past 20 years and runs The Cutfather Barbershop on Upper Parliament Street.


“My brother lived here for 45 years and I came to see him and ended up staying. I didn’t want to at first, but I found a girlfriend and settled here.”

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The Stories Behind How Some Of Nottingham’s Barbers Ended Up Cutting Hair In The City

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“My uncle who ran the shop told me to become a barber in Turkey, but when I was a teenager I didn’t want to do it. Then I started cutting hair.”

“Years ago I went to a barber shop in town and had my hair cut about three minutes after I sat down and my whole body itched.

“I knew I could do better and that’s why I started. I like when people tell really interesting stories in this job because it’s like you’re their therapist.”

Newark Barbers & Male Grooming

The 38-year-old now lives in Kimberley and owns Jack Craggs on St. James Street. The restaurant is named after his wife’s father-in-law, who died just before the restaurant opened eight and a half years ago.

Tom says:

“I came back to Knotts when I had a baby and was laid off. My wife was a hairdresser at the time. It was just after the Depression and a lot of the stores were empty.

“I like that this job helps me build a base of contacts. So we’re happy to establish that.”

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“We are independent shops in this street, we help each other, so it also feels like a community.”

Alexandros Daryaei from Iran, from Broxtowe, has lived in Nottingham for 26 years.

The 43-year-old owner of West End Barbers in Upper Parliament Street told Nottinghamshire Live: I love the city, I’ve lived in the city and now I’m married with two kids.

“It’s so important, it’s not just about a haircut. You can actually help other people by telling them what creams to use, for example.

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“I can make more money here if I cut hair in 10 minutes, but I take my time to make sure my clients are happy.”

Troy Bartholomew, 34, from Grenada in the Caribbean, works for The Rendez-Vouz Barbers in the West End Arcade and has lived in Aspley, Nottingham, for 15 years.

He said: I worked at McDonald’s and I didn’t really like it, so a local barber bought me clippers and told me to learn how to cut hair.

“At first I wasn’t really into it or thought I’d do it myself, but within about six months I was cutting hair professionally. I needed to make money at the time. But now it’s my livelihood.”

J’adore Hair & Beauty

“I really enjoy the customer service in this job and I’ve made some good friends over the years. You meet people from different backgrounds and religions.”

Another Nottingham barber is Erbil Todorovac, 46, from Bosnia, who lives above his shop on Bath Street in Hockley.

He learned to cut hair in a refugee camp near Croatia when his village was destroyed by the Bosnian war in the 1990s.

I came to the UK in 1996 with the help of the Red Cross. After taking courses in college, I worked part time at a local barber shop and as a mobile barber. Around Nottingham on a bumper ready to be clipped.

Route 1 Barbershop

He continues: It was my second chance.

“Karbershops are very social places and I like to meet nice people. They also leave satisfied.

Barber and hairdresser Fatima Abdullah is the owner of Turkish Golden Scissors on Maid Marian Way.

The 46-year-old said: We like our city and so do the students who come here regularly.

Capello Barbers Pontcanna

“I have been in the hair industry for 30 years, originally a hairdresser, born in Kenya and moved to England at a young age.

“Because I can speak Urdu, some customers who don’t speak English have become more open, and once a lady in a hijab entered the shop. Enough to come here and have her hair done.” It’s great that you felt so comfortable.

“I love that it’s a creative field and that I’m constantly learning how things are changing, such as the growing popularity of beards over the last few years. There are a lot of second-generation barbers in town with different backgrounds.”

T-cuts Barbershop on Alfreton Road is owned by Nottingham-born and bred Jamaican Terry Francis.

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The 52-year-old, from Wollaton, said: The shop has been open for 13 years but the footprint has changed.

“When I was younger, I would go to the barber shop and see a man come in with a haircut and look like a different person. That always stuck with me.

“Ultimately, as men, we have more to share in the barbershop than anywhere else. Men’s fascination with hairdressing is a bit like football, and as they get older, it becomes more and more of an influence. You will be able to be proud of your appearance because

Shefiq Rehman (46) from West Bridgford runs Salon 106 with her partner, hairdresser and hairstylist Ge Ling from China.

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Said: It is very pleasant to talk to people in this work. Talk about issues that affect them, such as parking or new businesses opening in the area. “

Ge Ling, 38, adds:

“I do hair for both men and women, so I really enjoy my job. Nottingham is where people come from all over the world to get a haircut.

“I’ve been cutting hair here for 10 years and the years fly by when I’m having fun.”

Flint Barbers Nottingham

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