Best Area To Stay In Aix En Provence

Best Area To Stay In Aix En Provence – Need an introduction to the historic city of Aix in Provence? The beautiful city offers visitors a rich and interesting architectural and cultural heritage. But beyond the hometown of Paul Cézanne and Émile Zola, there are many places to explore. The Pays d’Aix, however, also has natural areas, beautiful ruins and typical Provençal places bordering the region.

Of Vaucluse. What are the top 10 places to see in the area around Aix-en-Provence? Follow the guide and go on holiday less than 30 km from the center of Aix!

Best Area To Stay In Aix En Provence

You can choose from a wide range of accommodation in Aix-en-Provence, from hotels to B&Bs and camping sites! My recommendation is to book accommodation near the city centre. Although this is a more expensive option, you’ll save time on transportation and find most of the 10 things to see within walking distance.

City Of Fountains My 24 Hours In Aix En Provence

Also, if possible, finding hotel rooms can be a challenge, especially on weekdays, so don’t wait until the last minute to book.

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Aix-en-Provence is the capital of Aixois, the most visited part of Provence. To avoid writing an encyclopedia on the subject (!), I decided to limit myself to a small selection of 10 places within 30 km.

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To help you out, I’ve included links to the respective tourist offices in several places around Aix-en-Provence. Feel free to go there to find natural or cultural sites, find hikes or get personalized information about planning for upcoming events.

Let’s start this short tour around Aix-en-Provence with the most iconic place closest to the city center: Saint-Victoire!

Montagne Sainte-Victoire is a unique region of Provence, like other famous mountains such as Mont Ventoux and Sainte-Baume. “Montagne d’Aix” runs 18 kilometers east of Aix-en-Provence. At 1,011 meters on the Pic des Mouches, the famous mountain famous for the painter Paul Cézanne, he could see it from his home in Aix. The summit of the “Croix de Provence” offers a beautiful view of Saint-Baume, the Luberon and Etoile ranges, the Durance valley and the Provençal Alps.

I suggest you drive around the massif from Aix-en-Provence. The 60km circuit follows the D17, DD57D, D24 and D10 roads. You will enjoy a wonderful view of Saint-Victoire. The route passes through picturesque villages such as Le Tolonnet, Pulobière and Vavenargas, where the painter Picasso is buried.

The Top 15 Things To Do In Aix En Provence

On the way to Cistern and Grenoble, Peroles-en-Provence is a small village that preserves the past with a belfry and iron bell tower.

King Rene’s Castle in Perols-en-Provence © Mathieu Brossais – Licensed from Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

The church of Saint-Pierre is of Romanesque origin (12th century) but has changed a lot since then. The church near the tower was destroyed.

Don’t miss the unusual Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher on a cliff overlooking the city. The old sanctuary dates back to the 12th century and has a Greek cross design. The walls are covered with paintings depicting the creation of Adam and Eve.

Day Trips From Aix En Provence You’ll Want To Take!

Pertuis is the capital of the Pays d’Aigues, a beautiful country in the heart of Provence, overlooking the Durrence Valley and the entrance to the Luberon.

To see: the 13th-century clock tower, the 14th-century tower of Saint-Jacques and the 15th-century church of Saint-Nicolas, which combines Romanesque and Gothic styles.

You only have to walk through its old streets to find some of the 130 buildings listed in the General List of Historic Buildings or Cultural Heritage.

La Tour d’Aigues is known for its castle, which houses the Musée des Finesses. The Renaissance-style monument (1555-1575) caught fire in 1780 and was looted by revolutionaries ten years later.

Place De L’hôtel De Ville Of Aix En Provence

Château de la Tour d’Aigues is still impressive with its two large pavilions that form the main entrance.

La Tour d’Aigues – Eglise Notre-Dame de Roumegas © Zil – License [CC BY 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

In the heart of the Pays d’Aigues lies the village of Ansouise. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France, known for its castle, one of the best in the Luberon.

This ancient residence of the Sabran family was originally a fort that was modified several times over the centuries to serve as a residence.

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The parish church of Saint-Martin dates back to the 13th century and was once attached to the village walls.

It’s fun to walk through the shady lanes of the village, looking for covered paths. See the 17th-century belfry with its beautiful iron bell tower.

Do you have a little more time and want to continue? Stop at the tourist village of Cukuraan, 5 km from Ansouis!

La Roque d’Antheron, washed on the river Durance, is a small village with Provencal character. In the center of the village, the 17th-century Château de Florence houses a clinic and its park hosts the world’s most famous music festival every year.

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But the main attraction for visitors to La Roque d’Antheron is the Sylvacane Abbey! The abbey was founded in 1144 by the monks of Morimonde Abbey (Haute-Marne). Along with Cenanque and Thoronet, Silvacane is one of three Cistercian abbeys in Provence. These “Three Provençal Sisters” testify to the great power of the Cistercian Order in Provence.

Walking through the streets of the Old Town Center, you will find private buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, fountains built between the 16th and 18th centuries, a 16th-century wash house (Rue de la République), and a beautiful town. Gate (Jacquemard Tower, 16th century).

South of the old town is the impressive Bertoir Windmill. It is one of the few 18th century windmills preserved in its original form.

A few kilometers north of Lambesque, on the Manivert plateau, is the 11th-century Romanesque chapel of Saint-Anne de Goiron.

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About eight kilometers southwest of Lambesque is the castle and zoo of La Barben. These are the main tourist attractions in the Aix-Merseille region.

Its origins go back to the 11th century, but it was rebuilt several times in the 16th and 20th centuries. It belonged to Jean II de Forbin, brother of the good king René and later Palamede de Forbin (known as the Elder). The latter was responsible for negotiating the annexation of Provence to France in 1482. The Rocher Mistral display is based on a Provence theme.

The zoological park of nearby La Barbene has more than 700 animals of 130 species, including lions, tigers, bears, leopards, wolves, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, zebras and reptiles. La Barbene is the closest zoo to Marseille.

Lions at La Barbene Zoo © George Seguin – Licensed by Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Mercure Aix En Provence Sainte Victoire, Châteauneuf Le Rouge

Still short on time? On the way back to Aix, stop at the Provencal village of Rognes!

The cobbled and flower-lined streets of the old village are lined with beautiful stone houses that have been carefully restored by the locals.

At the top of the hill, the ruins of Queen Jeanne’s castle dominate the surrounding landscape, offering a spectacular view of the Etang de Barre, Vitrolles and the Etoile mountains.

Like the Pont du Gard in the Aix region, the Roquefavre Aqueduct boasts the largest aqueduct in the world!

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The aqueduct was the work of a 26-year-old young engineer, Jean-Francois Meyer de Montricher, who built it from 1842 to 1847 to bring water from Durance to Marseille.

The structure has three rows of arches and is 400 meters long and 83 meters high. By comparison, the Pont du Gard (built 18 centuries ago) is 266 meters long and 47 meters high.

Located in the Gardenne region, Maimet is known as the highest village in the Bouches-du-Rhône department at 491 meters.

Village of Mimet and Montagne Saint-Victoire in the distance © Clavida – License [CC BY-SA 1.0] from Wikimedia Commons

Discover The Top Things To Do In Aix En Provence And Its Surroundings

The old village is home to the Church of the Transfiguration-du-Seigneur (12th century but converted). There is also a 17th century ice house that supplied ice to the city of Marseille.

Château-Bas (Lower Castle) in the Pays d’Aix, is said to have welcomed Charles V when he visited Provence.

Maimet is located on the northern slopes of Mount Etoile, facing the high rocky mountain of Mount Saint-Victoire.

The commune area includes the peaks of the Etoile range with access via the Col Sainte-Anne trail. This walk can continue along the ridge line to the commune of Saint-Souvernin with breathtaking views:

Mignet Name, Aix En Provence

Grand Puche: View of Marseille from the sea © Fr.Latreille – Licensed from Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

As its name suggests, trace means “three” or “trois” in its image.

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