Best All In One Home Brewing System

Best All In One Home Brewing System – The BBL Pilot Pro is an all-in-one brewer perfect for new micro or nano breweries or as a pilot system for existing breweries. Available in 1BBL and 2BBL systems, this electric hard tube brewer includes a hot liquor tank, mash-ton, boiling kettle, 2 bilge pumps, stainless steel counter-flow cooler and sanitary fixtures, all mounted on a rigid frame. for easy installation. Each system is available as a sliding system for portability and simplicity, or an anti-skid system (soft or hard tube) for added flexibility. Integrated controls are available as basic panels for low-cost solutions or advanced panels with touchscreen interfaces (7″ or 12″) for higher levels of automation.

Don’t be fooled by the cost. This system is full of professional features. Based on our experience building 3BBL – 30BBL breweries, we built the Pilot Pro with everything you need to simplify your brew day and improve your beer. No other small batch system can match the features, security and performance of Pilot Pro.

Best All In One Home Brewing System

Submit the form below for more information or to request a quote and current delivery times for Pilot Pro. We will then contact you within 24 hours. Many brewers are happy to continue making the best beer with just a few coolers. , kettles and propane burners (here’s a list of your favorite propane burners ), and many more are getting ready to brew with all-in-one electric systems. The all-in-one brewing system provides a turnkey solution for grain brewing. They combine mashing, spraying, bubbling, freezing and fermentation processes in one machine. They are all-electric and complete systems that eliminate the need for propane, burners or boilers. This whole grain machine allows all grain brewers to brew at home anytime.

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Still not sure if you should choose a propane or electric system? A perfect comparison of the pros and cons of each.

The all-in-one electric extraction system does not require large and bulky equipment like traditional three-vessel systems and takes up much less space. Many of them can even sit on the kitchen table. Simplifying the grain brewing process by automating the process with a set-it-and-forget-it approach to brewing. This can increase the density of the beer, reducing potential human error in the fermentation process and timing. Interested? Here is a comparison of the best electric brewing systems.

Anvil Foundry considers it the best dollar-for-dollar brewing system on this list at this price point. In fact, we get most of the lots these days from the Anvil Foundry 10.5 gallon pump system, and we love it. Many owners of other systems on this list said they would be Anvil Foundry™ if they were to buy a single brewing system today, despite being completely satisfied with the systems they own. There are very few negative reviews about this product. It’s a safe buy that’s almost satisfying.

The Anvil Foundry™ is feature-rich and boasts a higher particle capacity and better performance than comparable systems. You can switch between 120v with a total power of 1600 watts and 240v with a total power of 2800 watts. This allows for full flexibility and significantly faster heating and boiling times. It has three heating elements that allow for ultra-low wattage density and prevent varieties from burning. Internal digital power management allows for very precise control of grid temperature. Double wall insulation keeps the grid temperature constant and increases heating speed. An integrated stainless steel immersion chiller cools the dairy quickly, and the valve system can easily be moved to the fermenter. Finally, the Anvil Foundry™ features a single high-flow grain barrel/malt pipe to reduce the risk of sticking.

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The Anvil Foundry™ is available in two sizes, each with or without a pump.

Overall, Anvil Foundry™ is the overall highest rated option on this list. It is, in our opinion, the best electric brewing system for every dollar. It’s a great product at a reasonable price that users can’t recommend enough.

BrewZilla v3.1.1 (formerly known as Robobrew v3) is a complete electric home brewing system. It has an integrated control panel, cleaning and boiling elements, removable grain baskets and integrated valves. The controller allows for programmable mash timing and pre-set delayed start of fermentation days. With BrewZilla’s integrated control panel, you don’t have to use a smartphone app, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection, but you can’t remotely monitor the beer’s progress.

The standard version of the BrewZilla runs on 110v, so it’s easy to use right away in American homes. Some users have noticed that 110v power increases the boil time. A 220v version is available, which reduces boiling time and provides tighter boiling capabilities. The unit has two heating elements, 1000W and 500W, for more control and 1500W of total fire power. BrewZilla also allows for automatic brewing with up to 6 temperatures and individual brewing times.

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The BrewZilla has a total capacity of 9 gallons, allowing for a finished beer output of 5-6 gallons depending on the amount of grain (about 18 pounds of grain capacity). An integrated milk cooler completes all non-fermentation processes in one container, then easily transfers to the desired fermenter, allowing the fermentation system to restart. To receive your free Wort Chiller Connection Kit from MoreBeer via BrewZilla, add the connection kit to your cart and use the code ZILLAKIT at checkout.

If you’re looking for a larger capacity system, BrewZilla also offers a 220v, 17-gallon system that can handle a 10-gallon batch. It delivers 15 amps at over 3 kilowatts and powers three ultra-low density elements of 2000, 1000 and 500 watts each for a total of 2500 watts of heating power. We recommend checking out this system at MoreBeer where you can get a free Wort Chiller Connection Kit by adding the system and chiller to your cart and adding the promo code “ZILLAKIT” at checkout.

The GrainFather G30 Connect has many advanced features without the price of some advanced electric brewing systems. It runs on standard household 110-120v power and has a 1600 watt heating element. Made of 304 stainless steel and has a tempered glass cover for mesh insulation. The integrated MagDrive pump in the GrainFather G30 Connect runs at 1800 rpm (6W) and includes a stainless steel pump filter and insulated recirculation tube.

The GrainFather G30 Connect has a capacity of 8 liters. It has an expandable grain basket that can hold up to 20 pounds of grain. This can brew a higher specific gravity beer at a higher capacity than many lower priced systems. Instead of a built-in immersion chiller like most all-in-one electric brewing systems, the GrainFather G30 Connect includes a high-quality counter-flow chiller that attaches to the system.

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Several accessories are available with the GrainFather G30 Connect, including conical fermenters, hop spiders, insulated jackets, water heaters, fermenter cooling kits and glycol coolers.

What sets the GrainFather G30 Connect apart from the competition is its Bluetooth connectivity and integration with mobile apps. It comes with a Connect Control Box and gives you access to the Connect app for Android or iOS. This allows you to fully control the fermentation process from your smartphone. The app lets you fill your The GrainFather G30 Connect with water the day before your first brew and set a timer to automatically heat the water before you wake up. The GrainFather G30 Connect also allows programmable step wear, and the PID algorithm maintains more consistent heating and allows power management. Despite its advanced features, it has a simple and friendly interface that makes brewing easier than ever.

GrainFather users are very happy with this all-in-one fermentation system and highly recommend it. The only problems noted are occasional stuttering or stuttering, and Bluetooth doesn’t always connect perfectly. Obviously, it comes at a higher price than many of the other systems on this list, but it’s the most advanced system under $1,000.00, and it’s a great machine if you can afford it. The GrainFather G30 Connect costs $999.99, but includes everything you need to make great beer from day one.

The Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil is an affordable system that costs just $299.99 for the pumpless version. It is an all-in-one brewing system that is excellent value for money.

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