Best Alcohol In Australia

Best Alcohol In Australia – Baijiu 白酒 (pronounced “bai-ju” and meaning “white spirit” in Mandarin) has been produced in China for over 500 years. It is China’s national drink, enjoyed over a good meal with friends or on special occasions, and the world’s best-selling alcohol. Over 15 billion liters of Baigio are produced each year – more than vodka, gin, rum and tequila combined. It’s the wind!

Following the traditional Chinese baijiu distillation process, Good Spirits Co. It gave an Australian twist to the world’s most popular spirit. Our baijiu is influenced by the Chinese baijiu tradition and recipe, but made with love in Victoria, using premium local ingredients and a rich spirit-making tradition.

Best Alcohol In Australia

We offer our Australian baijiu to anyone (over the legal drinking age of course) who wants to experience the best that Australian distilling has to offer.

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“Australia Finally Tastes World’s Drunkiest Liquor” via Good Spirits Co. Australian Baijiu has “clean, citrusy and fresh aromas, a bit of soft sweetness on the tongue, then finishes with a bit of spicy food and a yeasty character.” (Max Allen, AFR). To read the full article, visit The Australian Financial Review. As we shall see in

“10baijiu pour aimer la Chine” (“Ten global baijiu to love”) La Revue du Vin de France is a wine and spirits magazine. 1 in France. To read the article, click here. Congratulations!

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Sydney, Good Spirits Co. is an Australian company that proudly produces and distributes premium Australian spirits to consumers. The company was founded in recognition of the growing demand and appreciation for Australia’s highest quality spirits.

Our mission is to bring greater value, quality and experience to spirits enthusiasts in Australia and beyond, ensuring they are constantly surprised and delighted by everything we produce.

Why Australian Spirits Have Become World Class?

We are proud supporters of the 1% Promise movement and are committed to donating 1% of time and 1% of profits to partners to charity.

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Hey friend! Have a question or want more information about Australian Baijiu? Please contact us as we would love to hear from you. Nothing beats a homemade cocktail after a hard day’s work, but first you need to find some good alcohol to mix. And luckily Australia offers good results on this front!

Whether it’s a heady whiskey or a biting gin, a good liqueur gets the job done. So we’ve rounded up 10 of the best new Australian drinks to try this year.

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The London Spirits competition in the UK is an internationally recognized event for the industry and they awarded the No. 41 Queensland Sub-Rums The World’s Best Rum 2020 And guess what? It’s only $42 from Dan Murphy’s! No. 41 is a dark rum featuring notes of vanilla and caramel, plus a fruit cake later. A pirate’s delight if you ask us.

This quirky gin ($83) is barreled and bottled in far northern New South Wales and will grab your attention with its distinctive colour. It contains a curated infusion of fruits and herbs, along with a sparkling sprinkling of spices for a cheeky kick. The natural hue appears at the end of the process when petals from freshly picked butterfly pea flowers are left to marinate in the final mixture for 24 hours.

Tasmania’s Lark Distilling Co. has introduced its first blended malt whiskey, Symphony No1 ($139), and it’s sure to make your chest hair grow. On the nose, Symphony #1 is chiseled and fruity, leading to a palate of peach and apricot, as well as an unmistakable taste of sweet Tasmanian apples dipped in caramel.

One of the best things to come out of Sydney’s northern beaches is this Australian dry gin from Manly Spirits ($88). It evokes an Australian expression with a wide variety of herbs to enhance the taste buds. Portions are determined by the distiller’s expert noses on site, ensuring that each bottle is perfect.

Best’s Great Western Merlot Kindred Spirits, Australia, Victoria, Western Victoria, Grampians

This South Australian beauty, 23rd Street Australian Vodka ($54.95), is distilled five times, solely to enrich the insatiable flavors. It is light on the nose and in the mouth, with a hint of sweetness. Made from Australian sugarcane molasses that is mixed with rainwater and then finally fermented in small batches. The result is a silky smooth vodka that revives the soul.

Want to try a hearty apple pie without the added calories? Well, Melbourne Moonshine has you covered with their Apple Pie Shine ($59.99)! Two typical Victorian apples are pressed and squeezed, then blended with triple distilled moonshine. Melbourne Moonshine then tops it all off with cloves and cinnamon sticks for a perfect apple pie taste.

Your next Negroni can be a little tastier with this punchy substitute. Four Pillars Spiced Negroni ($89) takes an adventurous twist on the original Four Pillars gin recipe, bringing orange peel and bold spices to the fore. You can even drink it with a glass of soda if you hate following the rules.

There is a distillery on Tasmania’s north coast that produces truly spectacular whiskies. And their 15 Year Old Single Malt ($159.99) is proof of that. On the nose, expect hints of vanilla and citrus, wrapped in a softness that can only come from a long and deep barrel rest. Drink straight for delicious relaxation.

Transcontinental Rum Line, Australia 2013

Available on shelves from June this year, Native Spirits is one of Australia’s newest gin collections, celebrating some of our country’s native botanists. It consists of five different versions –

($50 each) – This drinking pleasure collaboration is inspired by some of Australia’s most renowned distillers, including Archie Rose (New South Wales) and 23rd Street Distillery (South Australia) to name a few. To further entice gin lovers, each gin in the range is only available in its own country.

Scapegrace Black Gin ($79.99) uses natural infusions to achieve its deep black color, which surprisingly changes to shades of red and purple when mixed with tonic. Native plants include chokeberry, saffron, pineapple, peas and surprisingly sweet potatoes. Each of the extracts is distilled at precise temperatures in a specific sequence to create the unique color spectrum of black. And yes, we know it’s made in New Zealand, but we couldn’t help but add it to this list!

Looking for new releases to try? Keep up with all the latest Australian spirits, including this new Bombay Sapphire Bombay Bramble. Otherwise, if you’re looking to shake up your cocktail game, here are the 10 essentials you need for your home bar.

Wally’s Hut Sauvignon Blanc

Editor’s note: Our writers and contributors independently selected and edited this article, and all opinions are their own. This article contains affiliate links that allow us to earn revenue from certain purchases made by our readers. Aussie gin is having a real moment and we’re giving England a run for its money. Just five years ago we had less than ten gin distilleries in the country, now we have over 100 and more popping up every month.

Narrowing down the best Australian gin is no easy task, but we’ve done our best to find the best picks across the country for you. You bring the tonic, we’ll cover the rest.

Released just last year, this Australian newcomer is already causing a stir, winning the award for Best Classic Gin at the 2022 World Gin Awards. Described as a classic version of a classic London dry, this gem is a spirit born from the epidemic, invented by Angus Tinworth and his mother Michelle during the siege of Sydney. Distilled twice in copper pot stills made locally in Tasmania, this is a relaxed juniper gin with subtle citrus notes. Buy it here.

Tucked away in the woods of Sydney’s sprawling ‘Beer Triangle’ is Poor Tom’s Gin Hall. The only gin distillery on a map full of breweries is a welcome stop when you need a break from beer. It’s also home to some of the best craft gins in the country. Infused with ten plants in the spirit of Australian wheat, you’ll notice classic juniper as well as fresh green apple, local strawberry gum leaves and chamomile. It’s a floral, great aperitif gin and perfect for a G&T or dry martini. Buy it here.

Barton & Guestier Ultra Low Alcohol 750ml

If the essence of the Great Ocean Road could be bottled, this is it. With a hint of salty sea air and citrus, this bottle contains 24 botanicals, including 9 from the local coast, including daisies, salt ruby, hops, seaweed, three different eucalyptus trees and even some local Turkish honey. One of Australia’s best gins has recently arrived, so if you’re in the area be sure to visit their tasting room to sample the full range. Buy it here.

This twist on the classic London dry gin features eleven native and exotic botanicals for a modern gin in 2021. Plus

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