Best Airbnb In Belize

Best Airbnb In Belize – SAN FRANCISCO, January 14, 2016 // – Airbnb, the world’s leading local hospitality company, today showcases the most popular destinations and listing properties around the world. Airbnb Favorites is a feature that allows travelers to save and share their favorite Airbnb listings, whether it’s a cottage in Cornwall or a villa in Bali. Nearly two million listings from 190 countries around the world are unique on Airbnb, and staying in one gives a glimpse into a new neighborhood and lifestyle.

Airbnb analyzes the wish lists saved by millions of guests since the feature was launched in 2012 and reveals the world’s 10 most popular destinations, listing types and properties. Wish lists are sentimental and indicate where travelers would go if they had all the time and money they could wish for.

Best Airbnb In Belize

When people travel on Airbnb, they want to experience something pleasant. A penchant for fantasy is evident when examining most of the wish list properties by type. Outdoor travel is a very popular property on wish lists. Others can’t wait to step up as igloos are the second most popular type of property on wish lists. Other unique lodging experiences—cabins, lighthouses, and caves—round out the top five property types.

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Treehouses are also among the top ten most desirable personality traits of all time. When people want to get away from it all, they want to live more easily, because many of the listed properties are not sprawling villages, but compact places with unique styles, such as Cobb Cottage or Mini Loft in Canada. Rome. . Unique properties dominate the top 10 list, including the gorgeous Casa Caracol (Shell House) in Mexico and a pirate-themed marquee in California.

Forget skiing, nothing beats the sun, the sun and more sun when you want to escape. Airbnb found that the destinations with the highest percentage of listings on wish lists are mostly known for their warm weather. Whether it’s Belize City, Belize, Japan’s Okinawa Islands, or the Turks and Caicos, when people want to escape, they flee to the coast.

** Products with a high percentage of listings that appear on at least one wish list with at least 200 current listings

In the USA, Savannah, Georgia tops people’s dream destinations. With its antebellum architecture and beautiful parks, Savannah is a great escape. At the top of the list are Mendicino, Ojai, and Hood River as weekend destinations from the big cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland, respectively. Tourists can’t resist the allure of the beaches, and the Florida Keys round out the top five.

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About Airbnb Founded in August 2008 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted local marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique accommodations around the world – online or from a mobile phone. Whether it’s an apartment for a night, a mansion for a week or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences at any price in 34,000 cities and over 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is an easy way for people to monetize their extra space and show it to an audience of millions. Planning a sunny getaway to the lush landscapes of Belize and searching for the best Belize Airbnb rentals? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best accommodation options in these wonderful Belize Airbnbs to ensure an epic stay for all types of travelers!

Full of vibrancy and tropical energy, Belize is a unique and incredibly beautiful Central American vacation destination. Located between Mexico and Guatemala, you will find coastal areas, ancient Mayan sites, friendly people and large forests with large animals.

Various cultural influences make food flavors delicious and unique. It’s worth a visit to try the delicious food! Surrounded by islands and inviting cool weather all year round, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this paradise.

Belize is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a rich history and culture as the center of the ancient Mayan world. It has some of the most impressive Mayan temples and ruins.

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Airbnb is a great way to book your accommodation. Not only is it more affordable than a hotel in general, it offers many different and often unique options. As far as unique Airbnbs go, Belize has some amazing options. And the best news is that we have selected the most amazing Airbnb deals in Belize!

These are our top 5 ultimate picks for a stay in Belize. We’ve compiled several picks for the best Airbnbs in Belize to make your choice a little easier. Whether you’re traveling on a budget, as a couple or in a group, you’ll find the perfect fit for you in the list below.

We’ve included some cool videos throughout the post to show you some epic activities and foods to try on your vacation.

Note: Due to the closure of the Airbnb Associates program, some of the listed properties have been switched to other booking platforms (which may have lower rates and cleaning/service fees!

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Finding the perfect place to stay for your vacation will be easy with this top Airbnb listing below. Whether you want to hang out on the beach or in the woods, you will find all of them below.

I love this cute little condo in a great resort on the beaches of Belize. You will be truly cared for here for a fraction of the cost anywhere else in the world and this one bedroom apartment is no different. The bright and cherry air-conditioned apartment is fully equipped with everything you need for a wonderful stay and has been recently renovated. The pad also has high speed WiFi. The resort is top-notch with free bikes and kayaks, games like volleyball, a cold water pool, barbecue grills and an oceanfront location. Close to beautiful villages and some amazing beaches and water reserves.

Guest review: “We had a wonderful stay at this apartment. It is on the sea with a beautiful pool and beach. The caretaker, Chapin, works around the clock to make sure the property is immaculate and that each tenant or owner is well taken care of. Debbie was very helpful before and during our two week stay. It provides many tips on shopping and good restaurants. He arranged for airport transportation and a golf cart. The apartment is in a perfect location, 2.5 miles south of the city, with easy access to amenities, with a peaceful environment. We will definitely come back and encourage others to stay here to explore the beauty of Ambergris Caye. – Barbara

Belize is the place to make your dream of owning your own private island come true – right in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. This private island is a dream come true with a private villa for four lucky guests. The two-bedroom villa is perfect for two couples to get away in luxury, with its own staff to look after you during your stay. The 3000 square meter villa has sophisticated interiors, a swimming pool, a rooftop terrace, a rooftop chef to cook all your meals and the use of a personal assistant to arrange spa treatments and the like. Dive, swim, bask in the sun and enjoy your little slice of paradise.

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Guest Review: “This is the most amazing vacation experience we could ever hope for. The beauty of the island with the ability to snorkel or paddle board right from your own beach is amazing! to the Spa-style massages, we couldn’t wish for anything !A must-see destination and Experience!!- Doug

Belize is the place to be when traveling on a budget. If you’re tight on the wallet but still longing for a Caribbean vacation, book your stay in a bright and sunny studio apartment. The perfect vacation home for couples in Belize, the studio has everything including WiFi, AC, terrace, two bicycles for you and the location is a relaxed village by the sea. Bike to Hopkins and beyond and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Guest review: “Everyone is nice and helpful. Big room and perfect location in town. Various food options within walking distance. I’ve been cycling around and felt safe everywhere. I would definitely stay again! “- Paula

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