Best 4 Star Hotels In Barcelona

Best 4 Star Hotels In Barcelona – The heart of the 5th century, miles of swimming, a thriving underground culture, one of the best weather in Europe, good food: it’s hard to say what Barcelona doesn’t have. Without a doubt, the competition to be named “the best city in the world”, this is the one we keep coming back to. Even the latest rumors of Catholic independence should not deter you; if anything they only add to the feeling that the city has gone to a short time, the electricity in its streets has already been electrified.

In hotels, you will be spoiled for choice, especially at the luxury end, where many traditional establishments compete with modern ones for the norm, and rooftop pools abound. Therefore, we searched high and low to bring you tips for every taste.

Best 4 Star Hotels In Barcelona

With a rooftop pool offering stunning views of Barcelona’s newest landmark, Torre Agbar, and a spa, gym and Turkish bath, we can’t doubt the hotel’s excellent credentials. And in the beautiful rooms with wooden floors, specialized in the comfort of integrity, it can feel very welcome compared to the roughness of the city in general. The city center is a short hop away, all of which makes for an incredible deal.

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With an ultra-cool modern design – inside and out – this hotel is the perfect getaway in Barcelona’s quarter. Near Plaça Espanya, its spacious soundproofed rooms offer the perfect escape from the fast pace of the city, boasting all the necessary amenities to make your stay complete, and recharge your batteries before heading out to Las Ramblas again.

With a stunning rooftop terrace offering stunning views across Barcelona, ​​this centrally located hotel specializes in what can best be described as an authentic experience. The rooms have everything you’d expect of a four-star hotel (including real comfort!), but really, kicking back on that terrace, with a great Spanish gin and tonic in hand, watching the sunset play with the Sagrada Familia is the kind of thing. an experience that no amount can do justice to.

A completely different pace from the previous style, this 19th century property is located on Las Ramblas, and exudes a kind of traditional style, with an interior that combines traditional and modern styles. There’s WiFi everywhere, free iPads in the rooms, and a bicycle rental system, so you can visit Barcelona under your own roof.

A city with miles of beautiful beaches, Barcelona is a unique gem, and the type of vacation you can spend here can vary widely from urban exploration to beach retreats. This hotel is definitely more fun than the last one, feeling like you’re somewhere in a thriving resort town rather than a big city. It has a private quality: a large spa, a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna, its own swimming pool and restaurant, while the rooms are your home away from home where you will enjoy spending more – enjoy the weekend. break Yes, and less than a ten minute walk from the beach!

Hotel In The Centre Of Barcelona

Another beach hotel close to the destination itself, with facilities that would make a small town jealous. The Princess of Barcelona offers stunning views from its pool terrace (one of its two pools, by the way), excellent cuisine in its restaurants, and world-class amenities in its soundproof, white and air-conditioned rooms. Ideal for families and business travelers.

This is the budget end of Barcelona’s four star hotel, this is a nice and cozy hotel, in the center of the city, which may be what you are looking for if you want a place to stay when you don’t have much. noise . , but don’t settle for a certain amount of comfort to get it. The rooms are simple, but offer everything you could possibly need, and there’s even a rooftop pool, albeit on a smaller, more boutique scale than you’ll find elsewhere on this list.

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Best Hotels In Barcelona. Hotels From $17/night

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The 10 Best Luxury Hotels In Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona. The city of dreams. Sip rooftop sangria, admire the centuries-old beauty, scenery and architecture, and tuck into endless small plates of world-class tapas in a city filled with some of the best restaurants in the world. But for whatever reason you’re heading to this colorful city, make sure you choose the right place to stay. The gospel? Barcelona hotels have it all, from amazing amenities and Michelin-starred dining to spa retreats and luxurious swimming pools. One thing is for sure: there really are many options, whatever your budget and wherever you are in Barcelona

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